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While home design trends come and go, veneer stone is one of the few elements that have stayed in style due to its aesthetic and practical value. Traditionally,  veneer stone has been used for home exteriors, but in modern home designs, you have many options for using veneer stone indoor as well. High veneer stone sales in Colorado indicate that it’s in demand for both indoor and outdoor home design. 

The variety of veneer stone colors and textures makes it so much easier to get the desired look in remodeling exterior or interior of your home. It’s possible to get a sleek and stylish look with subtle colors or a classic look with elaborate textures and deep colors. It’s all up to your imagination and the veneer stone installation expertise of the team carrying out the installation. Here are 3 trending ways you can use veneer stone and add the ‘wow-factor’ to your remodeled home.

Revamp the Home Exterior with Stone Veneer 

When remodeling to change the look oModern electric fireplacesf a home, adding stone veneer to the exterior is a great option. You may use it for siding, columns, or on the steps leading to the main door. The modern exterior will add not only to the aesthetics, but also to the value of your home.

Mix Up Texture and Style for Interior 

There are countless ways to use veneer stone in the interior such as kitchen backsplash, floor-to-ceiling firewall, vine cellars, or even on the bedroom feature wall. The veneer stone that is locally sourced from Denver, CO is affordable so you can be generous in choosing where to use it.

Revamp Outdoor Kitchen and Firepits 

Adding the stone veneer to the outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or firepit will integrate the interior and exterior look of your home. It also adds a warm, contemporary look to the back yard, porch, or any other outdoor area. 

Contact Hi-Tech Appliance to speak to a veneer stone sales expert. We can help you with the design and purchasing phase and even install it.

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