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Why More Homeowners Choose a Direct Vent Fireplace

For those who are looking to transform their home, direct vent fireplaces are one of the top gas fireplace alternatives today. Many homeowners are learning how these units can provide them with the warmth they need without having to mess with the wood of a conventional fireplace. For those looking to warm their home or eliminate an old fireplace, these are ideal.

Benefits of Direct Vent Fireplacesdirect vent gas fireplaces in Denver


Those with a non-traditional space tend to turn to these units as their primary source of heat. They are extremely easy to install and can go places a traditional wood fireplace cannot.

Clean and Energy-Efficiency Option

The direct vent fireplaces have a closed combustion unit and sealed glass front. It pushes the combusted air outside to eliminate the gasses it created.

Easy Installationgas fireplace alternatives in Louisville

With these particular systems, you don’t need to worry about any additional masonry or foundation work during the installation process. Replacing your current wood fireplace with one of these is not only cost-effective, but it also creates minimal disruption to your space. These units are also extremely simple to maintain, thus saving you money for the long haul.

Warming your home is simple with a new direct vent fireplace!

Did you know that along with fireplace repairs, Hi-Tech Appliance Service also installs direct vent gas fireplaces and other appliances? In fact, we install all kinds of gas fireplaces from a traditional gas insert to direct vent and vented-free alternatives. If you desire an affordable and energy-efficient alternative to your home’s heating needs or you are considering converting your old wood fireplace to a new, modern gas unit, just contact us here.

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