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Pellet stoves are a great way to enjoy a cozy fireplace while increasing the heat-efficiency. They are an excellent alternative for heating your property, as they effectively combine beauty with convenience, are easy to operate, and have powerful heating capabilities. They also help energy-conscious property owners significantly reduce their energy bills.

Is A Pellet Stove Worth It?

Pellet fireplaces sales have increased drastically over the years. They are generally compared to traditional wood-burning stoves, as they emit similar kind of heat. They are comprised of sawdust (a product of wood processing industry) and have several additional benefits over wooden stoves, including:

  • Benefits of a Fireplace Inserts

    Pellet stoves are elegant options to heat up your home.

    The most significant advantage of pellet stoves is that the pellets are easier to load compared to wood for wooden stoves.

  • These pellets are small and can easily be stored in small spaces. On the other hand, firewood needs to be carefully hauled and stacked, and requires more room to store.
  • Indoor fireplace pellets burn hot; they create little ash as they burn efficiently.
  • Based on the model you opt for, you can regulate the temperature with a remote or a room thermostat.
  • Specific models can be operated or programmed  by a mobile app or by text message.
  • Your pellet stove will start to burn and go out without you having to do anything. This is based entirely on the program you select.
  • Your pellet stove efficiency is roughly around 90%, meaning that only 10% of the energy generated is lost in the chimney.
  • Your pellet fireplace has an in-built smoke extraction system in place. This means that you don’t need an additional chimney as the gases are blown into your existing chimney.
  • The smoke can be extracted by an 8cm tube that runs horizontally through your outer wall.

Heat Your Home Efficiently

Your pellet stove runs on electricity, as the hopper feeds the pellets into the stove that can be programmed electronically. It consistently dispenses the pellets, which means that they can easily be programmed to burn evenly and remain at a constant temperature, which is a huge benefit. In case you come across potential issues, you can get in touch with professional to carry out the necessary repair.

Pellet stoves save owners a considerable amount of money in places where heating costs are relatively higher than other areas of the country. No matter which way you look at it, pellet stoves are an excellent addition to your home.

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