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A fireplace is a signature structure in a room that not only contains fire to heat your room, but also creates a relaxing ambiance. It does not matter what else is in the room; the fireplace will always be the heart of it, grabbing all of your attention.

There is a wide range of ideas that you can incorporate here. Dressing the hearth and the mantle for all seasons is an art that you can tap into by applying these fireplace home décor tips.

Screen Options

Fireplace accessories

A fireplace screen will add protection and style to your living room.

A quality fireplace cover screen is a beautiful piece to add to your fireplace area, whether the fireplace is in use or not. This fireplace home décor piece protects your home from flying sparks from the fire while still being stylish. They should be fireproof, which are either made of metal or glass.

There is a wide range of screens to pick from, varying in size, design, shape, and a variety of other design featured. Some of the screen options you could have are:

  • Single panel fireplace screen: These have adjustable legs and handles on either side for smooth movement and use.
  • Double door fire screens: The stylish doors are placed on the screens’ frame, and you can open the doors and load your logs without moving it.
  • Folding fireplace: This is just beautiful. You can move one side of this fireplace cover screen with ease to add firewood, and also easily fold and store it when not in use.

Popular Accessories

1. Firewood/ log holder: This can be made of steel, oak, leather, or canvas. You place your logs and firewood in there for a clean, stylish, and decorative look.

2. Tongs, poker, and shovel: Tongs should be long enough with a good grip, as they are used to move burning firewood enable you to control the fire.
The fire pokers you use to poke and shift wood, creating room for oxygen to pass through and have the fire burn better.
The shovel fireplace shovel scoops and removes ash, allowing for more air to reach your fireplace and the logs burn better.

3. Fireplace brush: The primary purpose of the brush is to clean the fireplace area by sweeping away any ashes that might be blown out. Then, a shovel is used to scoop them off. The brush/ broom also sweeps off ash after all the fire burns out.

4. Blow/bellows poke: A blow poke stokes the burning fire by injecting pressurized air right into a specific area. Bellows kindle flames and increase flames from a safe distance. They can also be used to serve the same purpose as a poker.

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