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Pizza is always a good idea, but even more so when it’s served piping hot from a pizza oven in your backyard. An alfa pizza oven makes for a great excuse for families and friends to get together for a fun day of cooking and eating fresh hot pizza. They’re getting increasingly popular because of how attractive they are. The person with an outdoor pizza oven is the house where everyone will gather to have a good time.

The Perfect Pizza Party

Alfa pizza ovens are easy of use without compromising efficiency.

There is always one person in a family or group of friends that’s up and ready to man the grill. Place this person in charge of an alfa pizza oven and throw a pizza party from your backyard. The constant stream of fresh, hot pizza circulating a gathering and a group of loved ones together makes for the ideal night of relaxation.

Why an Alfa Pizza Oven

Alfa has been around for over four decades as an oven company that strives to keep the Italian tradition alive while using new and innovative technologies to produce a range of pizza ovens with an even wider range of features. They hone in on the best of all that the latest technology has to offer and promise you a night of cooking, roasting, and grilling like an expert. It’s rooted in Italian craftsmanship with the touch of an international twist that makes it easy for anyone to use.

One of the attractive features of alfa pizza ovens is the ease of use without compromising efficiency. They light up fast and can heat up to 500 degrees Celsius (or 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) in less than ten minutes. They can also cook a pizza in under a minute, guaranteeing no waiting lines or unsatisfied stomachs at your pizza party. They can also be cleaned in under five minutes, making the entire experience convenient and quick for the owner.

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