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Part of building custom outdoor kitchens in Erie, CO, involves deciding how you are going to customize it in order to meet your specific wants and needs. This means that you have to think about what appliances your outdoor kitchen is going to need in order to become the outdoor area that you want it to be. Here are a  few appliances that are absolute must-haves for any outdoor kitchen area.

Mini Refrigerator

While the Colorado winters may be cold enough that an outdoor refrigerator isn’t necessary, this becomes a much different story when the spring and summer seasons roll around. That is why you will need a mini refrigerator as part of your outdoor kitchen. This will help you keep any of your food ingredients or drinks cold until they are needed. After all, nothing makes a barbecue better than having a cold drink while watching your food on the grill.

outdoor kitchen

Every outdoor kitchen is incomplete without a high-quality grill.


Speaking of grilling, this is yet another appliance that is an absolute must-have for anyone planning out their outdoor kitchen. Without a grill, there are going to be very few options for how to cook the food in the outdoor kitchen. After all, ovens and stovetops aren’t usually available to be included as part of an outdoor kitchen. Therefore, grills become a very necessary component of outdoor kitchens.


No one wants to have to go back inside every time that they need to rinse off one of the ingredients or utensils that they are cooking with. That is why you need to make sure that your outdoor kitchen is equipped with a working sink. This will also give you a place to store dirty dishes until you go back inside, which cuts down on your time traveling to and from the inside of the house.

To get all of these appliances and more installed in your brand new custom outdoor kitchen in Erie, CO, contact our team at Hi-Tech Appliance.

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