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When it comes to refrigerators, there are usually three different places where a freezer can be located. It is usually on top of the fridge but may also be on the left side as well. However, there is a third option that more and more people are starting to choose. Some refrigerators have the freezer located on the bottom in the form of a bottom freezer sliding drawer. There are several different benefits to having this kind of fridge, most of which can be found below.

Fresh Food Is Eye Level

One of the biggest benefits of having a bottom freezer drawer has nothing to do with the freezer drawer itself but rather the effect that it has on the fridge component of the appliance. Far too many pieces of produce or other fresh food are thrown out every year because you forgot that they were even in the fridge. This happens so often because the produce drawers happen to be located on the bottom of the fridge, which makes it hard to see into them when the fridge in full.

However, with a bottom freezer drawer, the fridge component is raised higher, which brings the produce shelves closer to eye level. This makes it easier to see what kind of fresh food is in your fridge at all times and helps ensure that you’ll have to throw less food out as a result.

Bottom Freezer FridgeMore Energy Efficient

It is well known that warm air rises. Therefore, by putting the colder part of the fridge at the bottom, it helps to make the natural transition of heat much more efficient. Rather than having the warmer fridge air move up into the freezer and making its motors work harder, a bottom freezer drawer makes it so that the warm air moves upwards to the slightly warmer fridge section and makes the entire product more energy efficient.

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