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There’s something primal about cooking over an open flame. Humans of all cultures have had a long relationship with fire and food, but did you know that cooking over fire could actually make foods taste better? There are quite a few benefits to installing a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard.

Pizza in Minutes

Wood-fired ovens are often used for making delicious pizzas. Because the oven reaches such a hot temperature, you can have a pizza in just minutes. The crust will be both crispy and chewy—similar to what you can expect at boutique pizzerias. In addition, you can use your wood-fired oven to cook more than just pizza. You can bake bread and more—the high heat is contained within the dome of the oven, creating a unique cooking environment.

In addition, your oven can roast vegetables in just minutes. The longer vegetables cook, the more nutrients you lose, meaning that a wood-fired oven can help retain nutrients while still giving you that excellent flavor.


Wood-fired ovens can reach very high temperatures, which creates an even heat on the cooking surface. Burning wood also imparts a smoky flavor to your foods, which is not something you can achieve in a traditional oven. The type of wood you use can also play a role in flavor—woods like hickory, cherry, or apple can create more depth in your food.

Pizza Oven

Added Value

If you’re eventually thinking about reselling your home, having a wood-fired oven as part of your outdoor kitchen is a unique addition that adds value to your home’s resale value.

If you’re interested in a wood-fired oven for your outdoor kitchen, contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We offer professional delivery and installation services, and our experts can answer all of your questions. All that’s left for you to do is get cooking!

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