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What Makes Pellet Stoves A Great Heating Option

When it comes to pellet fireplace sales in Superior, CO, you don’t want to choose one based solely on looks. With many options available for your heating needs, weighing the pros and cons will help you decide if you are making the right choice for your fireplace.

Green Materials

Pellets for these stoves and fireplaces are made from recycled materials such as nut shells and sawdust. They also produce less waste when burnt than other materials, leaving your family that much safer from hazardous chemicals.Though some carbon will still be released, it is a very low amount. For those looking for a green option, pellet burning is an excellent option.

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Cost Effective

Energy bills tend to skyrocket during the winter months for those using a furnace. With a pellet stove or fireplace, the cost comes in purchasing the pellets. The material is much cheaper overall throughout the season. You can save even more money by stocking up throughout the year to keep the fire burning all winter long without having to worry about any costs associated with your heat source.

Simple Repairs

Gas and electric inserts have a lot of small pieces attached which may require servicing. A pellet fireplace is run by loading the materials into the stove and creating a fire. This makes them not only easy to use but easy to repair as well. Pellet fireplace service is simple since the heating source is simple. The stove should be checked annually by a professional for routine maintenance, as is the case for any fireplace or stove.

Great Alternative to Traditional Heating Sources

The stove will use a small amount of electricity to run the fan and motor. This cost is much less than an electric fireplace. The pellets are a perfect alternative to those who love wood stoves but do not like the idea of gathering wood to keep it running.

At our Hi-Tech Appliance showroom, you can find multiple styles of pellet stoves, inserts, and fireplaces. We can even help you decide if a custom option is right for your home. 

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