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Wood-burning fireplaces are designed to be a beautiful addition to any room. Despite being a naturally stunning centerpiece, these fireplaces have several other incredible advantages that are worth thinking about. Continue reading to see just how beneficial these fireplaces can be.

Natural Centerpiece

A wood-burning fireplace makes for the perfect centerpiece. These can help gather you and your family to a specific room in your home. They can be the center of attention for events, celebrations, or just a quiet night in. Although they are traditional focal points, they can be jazzed up with non-traditional accessories. Most people have wood-burning fireplaces in their living rooms and add a television above the mantle.

Extra Heating

During the winter, power outages are more prevalent. This is because ice and snow can collect on tree branches that will fall onto power lines. Obviously, as the power goes out there is no way to heat your home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace you have the ability to heat your home even when the power is out. As long as you have plenty of dry wood available, you’ll be able to build a fire at any time of the day.

Adds to Your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home? Wood-burning fireplaces add to the value even more than other fireplace options. This has to do with the authenticity that a wood-burning fireplace has, as well as the incredible functional benefits. A wood-burning fireplace can add over $2,000 in value to your home.

Cheaper Utility Bills

It can cost a lot to heat your home during the winter. You can pay way less for utility bills if you’re heating your home with a wood-burning fireplace. Even gas and electric fireplaces will add to your utility bills, but with a wood-burning fireplace, you are only using wood to warm your home. It’s a more effective and cheaper way to heat your home during the colder months.

Hi-Tech Appliance has seen an increase in wood fireplace sales over the past few years. As more people look to add these fireplaces to their Nederland, CO homes, Hi-Tech Appliance will be there for any necessary repairs.

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