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A pellet fireplace is a trendy new way to efficiently warm your house and add the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace. Heating our homes has become increasingly expensive with skyrocketing fuel prices, so many Americans are turning to new technologies for home heating. Here are some of the benefits of installing a new pellet fireplace.

Fuel efficient

A pellet fireplace runs on recycled wood materials that have been heavily compressed into small pieces. The pellets can burn extremely hot, warming your home without using swaths of firewood or gas. Not only that, but they are designed to be extremely efficient and to burn much cleaner than traditional wood in a fireplace. The pellets will create less ash, and less creosote, than burning regular wood, and don’t need to be loaded as frequently as firewood either.


The dense, dry pellets burn extremely hot, creating far more efficient heat than burning regular wood. Because of this efficiency, a pellet fireplace can often generate considerably more heat than a traditional wood burning fireplace, keeping you and your family warm all winter long.

Environmental impact

The use of pellet fireplaces is generally considered to be a green option for home heating. The compressed wood pellets are created from repurposed wood waste, recycling sawdust and other waste into a highly useable product. They create fewer pollutants than traditional wood fireplaces do, and reduce our reliance on burning fossil fuels for home heating.

Ease of use

A major benefit of the pellet fireplace is how easy it is to use. Instead of spending days splitting wood, the pellets can be purchased at your local hardware store. A bag of pellets is much less cumbersome to store and keep dry, making running your fireplace a much simpler task. The pellets are simple to load in your fireplace, and may only need to be loaded once per day.

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