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What to Look for in an 18 Inch Dishwasher

18-inch dishwashers may be smaller in size, but that doesn’t mean the user has to sacrifice effectiveness for size. In the modern world, small dishwashers can hold nearly as many items while still offering the best features. These include racks, drying, and cycles. For those living in apartments and small homes, the luxury of a dishwasher can easily be a reality.


Dishwashers with a third rack are perfect for the smallest of kitchens. These add room for more dishes without compromising cabinet room. While you may be wondering if height will be an issue, this third rack is often made small, specifically for use with utensils. You can have all of your silverware perfectly cleaned and have more room to add larger items.


Don’t be afraid of placing the pots and pans in the dishwasher. Even a smaller size can have a feature that includes pots and pan rinsing. The design of the stainless steel makes it possible to wash virtually every dish you can imagine. Some models will even have a no rise feature. Skip the elbow grease you are used to in handwashing and just use your appliance as it was designed.

Design and Build

Smaller doesn’t mean giving up on technology or material. There are options in almost every color built in an 18-inch size. Even fingerprint stainless steel is available in this smaller model. Technology controls are built into many models to add Bluetooth compatibility, touchscreen features, and any other tech you may have seen on larger model residential dishwasher sales.

A company that stands behind their sales, Hi-Tech Appliance offers residential dishwasher service to those who buy an appliance at our Lewisville, CO store. We do this because we believe in the product we sell and know you will too. 


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