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Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill, throw some of your favorites on, and enjoy a great day in the backyard. To be perfectly honest, grilling doesn’t require a lot of tools, but it can be a lot more fun and interesting when you have more specific equipment, not to mention easier! Here are some must-have grill accessories for your next barbecue.


There’s nothing glamorous about it, but you have to have a spatula in order to grill anything effectively. A spatula helps you move food around on the grill and flip it if necessary. While the name may suggest a single purpose, a wide fish spatula is actually a great tool for all different types of food.


Another must-have tool is a good pair of tongs. When you buy a pair of tongs, it’s important to test it out in your hand first. If it’s not comfortable, it certainly won’t improve when you’re using it for long periods of time. Some tongs are stiffer than others, and some even have rings attached to hang from a hook. Tongs are invaluable when it comes to grilling, and you want to make sure it’s a pair you’re comfortable with.

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When we say thermometer, what we’re really suggesting is an instant-read thermometer. It has a digital readout, and you simply stick the thermometer in the meat, wait for it to read the temperature, and go from there. You’ll never have to play the guessing game again to tell when your meat is done.

Basting Brush

One of the hazards of grilling is that food can possibly dry out. Use a good basting brush to apply sauces to keep everything moist and tasty!

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