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Dryer technology has evolved over the years, and dryers are more efficient than ever. If you’re in the market for a new dryer, here’s what you need to know about buying one.

Energy Source

There are dryers available that are powered by either gas or electric energy. If you don’t have a gas line, obviously the choice is already made for you. However, if you have a choice of service, a gas dryer could be beneficial. In some areas, natural gas is a less expensive utility, and gas dryers can heat faster than electric.

Energy Efficiency

Dryers consume a lot of energy. In fact, some dryers eat up as much energy as the refrigerator and washing machine combined. If you’re concerned about energy consumption, look for the certified Energy Star units. These models are designed to save more energy than traditional units.


If you haven’t been dryer shopping in a while, it may come as a surprise that you can get them in a variety of colors. You can add some personality to the laundry room, but it usually comes at a premium. Dryers in fun colors are typically a little more expensive.

Gas Dryer


There are few features that you may be interested in that are particularly helpful to your laundry chores.

  • Moisture Sensor – This feature recognizes how much moisture is in the fibers and turns off automatically. This helps stop the issue of overdrying, which can cause damage to towels and clothes.
  • Noise Reduction – Is your dryer going to be located near living space? You may want to consider dryers that stifle noise, especially if you don’t have a way to close off the dryer in a laundry room.

When you’re finally ready to start exploring dryer options, reach out to our team at Hi-Tech Appliance. Our experts can assist you with residential laundry sales and residential laundry service. Take time to visit our showroom today!

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