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Winter is finally slinking away quietly—thank goodness! It’s finally time to start thinking about all of the things you can do with your backyard. A perennial favorite is to have a gas grill and get in touch with your primal urges by cooking meat over fire (though, if you’re grilling veggie burgers, that’s fine, too!). Before you jump in and buy something sight unseen, here are a few things you should know about buying a gas grill in Boulder, Colorado.


You’ll want to invest in a gas grill that has a good warranty. That’s not to say you should abuse your grill, but it does mean that you should consider one that will support you when something goes wrong.


Some grills look beautiful and flashy, but you need to look beyond the surface. Check the actual burner size and see how it fits relative to the grill’s size. If you have a large grill and a small burner, you’ll be stuck with a unit that has some serious hot spots and cold spots, which can wreak havoc on your ability to grill large amounts of items.


Not all grills can reach high temperatures—if you are one who enjoys a good grilled steak, you’ll want a unit that can reach up to 600 degrees. Look for units that can handle the food you want to cook and also work at low temperatures—remember, sometimes food needs to be low and slow!


As with all things, don’t buy beyond your budget. Grills can get into some pretty extreme territory regarding pricing, so it’s important to look for one that has the features you need at the price point you want.

Contact Hi-Tech Appliance to get in touch with a grill sales specialist. We can help you find the right grill for your needs and find the grill that has all of the features you’re looking for.

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