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Essential Features in a Wall Oven

Wall ovens with the right feature set can add value and convenience to a kitchen. Here is a list of basic features that a wall oven must have so you will be all set to tackle any baking tasks.

Self- or Manual Clean

This feature eliminates the job of cleaning the oven manually, but it comes at an additional cost. So, if you want to save time and avoid the hassles of manually cleaning your oven, this feature is for you.


Convection improves heat distribution and reduces cooking times thanks to a fan that circulates hot air throughout the oven compartment. Higher-end models will include an additional heating element around the fan.

Oven Door

A large, clear-view window with a brighter interior lighting allows you to check the cooking process without opening the door. The door should be able to stay open in any position (without falling fully open or slamming shut).

Wall oven doors & racks


You will come across these rack systems: roll-out extension racks, slide-out racks, adjustable racks, or a removable half-rack. Just make sure racks are easy to adjust and sturdy enough.

Controls & Settings

Today, wall oven electronic controls allow you to set precise cooking temperatures. Look out for settings such as “delayed bake,” which starts the oven at a predetermined time; a “warm and hold” setting, which is useful for the home cook who wants a hot meal waiting after a long day of work; or a bread proofing function, which maintains ultra-low temperatures that are perfect for rising dough. “Variable broil” lets you set high or low boiling settings depending upon the foods you are cooking. Finally, a “Sabbath Mode” is a setting that allows Sabbath-keeping people to reprogram oven settings during the Sabbath so they can heat foods.

Essential Features in a Wall Oven

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