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Most people know that a wood-burning fireplace requires some regular maintenance and upkeep, but gas fireplaces in Erie, CO will also need to be cleaned and maintained from time to time. 

Note that the following tips are general recommendations, and you should always read and respect the owner’s manual first and foremost when it comes to caring for your unique appliance. Remember that these tips are just for basic cleaning. Any gas fireplace service or repair should always be handled by a professional!

Preparing for Cleaning

Before cleaning your gas fireplace, you need to make sure that it is properly shut down and cooled. Be sure that both the gas and the pilot light are safely switched off and cautiously test out the air and the inner surfaces of the fireplace to make sure everything is at room temperature before you begin. 

Clean the Glass

Gas fireplaces are typically outfitted with glass doors that can be easily removed and cleaned. If this is the case, the owner’s manual will detail specific instructions for removing these doors. 

It is always a good idea to lay down some newspaper or plastic to protect the flooring. Household glass cleaner and newsprint will usually do the trick, but if there are any stubborn spots you can use a small amount of fireplace cleaner or ceramic cleaner to remove them as needed. 

Clean the Interior Surfaces

The easiest way to remove any excess debris or dust that may have built up inside the fireplace is to use a household vacuum cleaner with an appropriate wand attachment. 

If you use lava rocks, you will need to cover the attachment with cheesecloth and secure it with an attachment to ensure that your rocks don’t accidentally get sucked into the vacuum with the other debris. 

If you are looking for the perfect gas fireplace for your home, reach out to us at Hi-Tech Appliance. We pride ourselves in having the know-how to service what we sell.

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