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Typical Mistakes People Make When Lighting a Charcoal Grill

We know how important a charcoal grill is for summer cooking. We love the flavor it gives meats, seafood, and veggies. We went over what kind of charcoal to use, and we cannot help but snap photos of our perfectly charred food. However, we realize it is not the most user-friendly product. There are no buttons to activate actions like igniting the appliance or regulating the temperature. Many things can go wrong along the way. That is why we have put together some of the most common pitfalls when trying to light up a charcoal grill and how to avoid them.

Skirting Lighter Fluidcharcoal burn

Often, this product will transfer a gross, chemical flavor to anything you put on the grate. It will ruin the point of using hardwood. Instead, use newspaper, a match, and a chimney starter to light up your fire.

Using Briquettes

Even though briquettes light easier and burn longer than hardwood, they have many toxic substances like binders, fillers, and chemicals, which can affect the final flavor of your food. Contrarily, charcoal that is made from real hardwood burns hotter and imparts a purely smoky flavor.the best grills in Colorado

Not Asking For Advice Until it is Too Late

At Hi-Tech Appliance, we are always here to help, but that can be a challenge when time is running out. Ask first and enjoy BBQ second! We recommend focusing on what you are cooking, how long it will cook, the time it will cook, and the temperature at which you will be cooking. If you have questions, ask early and often so when your grilling day comes, you can grill the best meal ever.

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