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How to Pick a High-End Built-In Gas Grill

When you are out in the market for built-in grills, you will come across millions of options, making it hard to determine which grill will stand the test of time and satisfy your grilling needs. Here are some pointers to help you out with your decision.

Picking a Brand

Along with the appliance size, the grill brand is one of the first things to consider in the buying process. Take your time when you are researching for brands, compare every gas grill and learn all of their features. You can always visit the manufacturer’s website to get familiar with the products they offer or turn to a reputable appliance dealer for more information. In that way, you will most likely find a durable, quality grill that will fit your particular needs.

By acquiring a high-end grill, you will not have to replace the appliance or any of its parts soon after purchasing. In case you need to replace your grill at some point, you can stick with the same trusted brand. Also, you can consult a professional appliance dealer like Hi-Tech Appliance to help you find a newer model, so you won’t have to make any additional changes to your outdoor kitchen structure.

For built-in gas grills, you can trust Twin Eagles, Napoleon, and Weber, just to mention a few. All these brands make top-of-the-line grills.

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The Size

Before you jump in and get the biggest grill, take measurements and do not forget to designate space for ventilation. All outdoor built-in gas grills need to be vented properly.

Typically, outdoor built-in gas grills are going to be anywhere from 30-36 inches. A 30” built-in gas grill will be enough for a family that plans to grill for themselves and entertains sporadically. Anything bigger will perfectly fit if you are planning to entertain many guests frequently.

The Materials

You can expect most high-end grills to be either all stainless steel or mostly stainless steel. This material is perfect if you want a sleek look. These grills are durable and last a long time.

However, there also are high-quality, built-in gas grills made with ceramic, porcelain, or cast materials. These materials are great for grilling and often are less expensive than the stainless steel gas grills.

Whether you need a new grill or replace your old appliance, reach out Hi-Tech Appliance. We sell only high-quality appliances in Colorado.

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