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Should You Choose a Fire Pit or an Outdoor Fireplace?

When designing your outdoor space, you have to choose between a fireplace and a fire pit. While both of these items deliver light, warmth and relaxation, they each have their own unique attributes to consider.

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces both render warmth and light. They equally add a romantic atmosphere and provide a relaxing focal point for any outdoor setting. Which structure is the best choice for your exterior space? Each one has its list of benefits and limitations, as seen below.

Fire PitOutdoor Fire Pit

  • Will not block the wind.
  • Can burn wood or gas.
  • Easier to incorporate built-in seating.
  • Provides less privacy than a fireplace.
  • Less expensive than an outdoor fireplace.
  • It’s smaller structure will not obstruct property views.
  • More guests can gather since it’s open on four sides. Ten to twelve people can sit around it, facing each other, which in turn encourages more conversation.


  • Can burn gas, propane, or wood.Outdoor Fireplace
  • More expensive than an outdoor fire pit.
  • Permits and inspections to consider.
  • Its bigger structure can obstruct property views.
  • Building permits and code regulations are required.
  • Can seat four to six guests at a time, all facing the fireplace.
  • Nothing anchors an outdoor room with a brick or stone.
  • Requires additional seating like couches, chairs, and tables, which is an added cost.
  • Bigger structure blocks property views, providing more privacy from neighbors.

In sum, a fireplace can be bigger than a fire pit, and it can also produce more heat. However, it will only distribute heat in front of it. On the other hand, a fire pit is typically round or square and disperses heat all around it. Therefore, more people can gather around the fire pit at the same time than in front of a fireplace.

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