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With so many washer and dryer styles out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. To make it easier to find the best style washer and dryer for your needs, ask yourself a few simple questions.

How to Find the Best Style Washer and Dryer

First, ask yourself how much space you have? Do you have a large laundry room? If so, you’ll have space for larger appliances

If your laundry area is narrow, choosing top-loading machines will make it easier to load and unload clothes. 

For small spaces, like closets, a smaller, apartment-size stacking unit is the best style washer and dryer

Next, ask yourself how much laundry you need to do each week. A larger machine will allow you to wash more clothes per cycle, which can save time. 

Electrolux Washer
Choosing a top load or front load dryer depends partly on your preferences and partly on your space.

Front Load or Top Load

Choosing a top load or front load dryer depends partly on your preferences and partly on your space. For stackable options, front loaders are convenient and compact when compared to the type with a top-loading washing machine. 

Front-loading washers are considered gentler on clothes and tend to clean better than top-loading machines. The main advantage of a top-loading washer is the ability to add things mid-cycle. 

When deciding on a washer, consider the features of each machine, and choose based on the feature set you most prefer. 

Another consideration is energy usage. The energy consumption will differ between brands and models. If electricity usage is a concern, choose the most energy-efficient model you can find. 

Also, be sure to read plenty of reviews to see what other people think about the machine. Something that looks good on a company website may have bad reviews on a consumer site, so it’s important to research each model you’re considering. 

Lastly, check out the options in person. We have knowledgeable staff to help you select the best washer and dryer for your needs. Stop by today to see our selection.

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