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A gas grill provides an intimate setting for a cozy outdoor cooking experience that brings friends and family together. Choosing the right gas grill for your cooking and entertaining needs is paramount to the endless enjoyment you will experience while crafting your culinary creations.

Cooking on a gas grill provides the chef with a variety of options for meal preparation – whether cooking for a crowd or for just a few. From the outdoor kitchen gas grills of Saber, Twin Eagles and Caliber to the oval shaped Primo models there is a gas grill to cover all your outdoor cooking needs.

Size Matters

When choosing a gas grill, the cooking area is an important feature to consider. If you are always cooking for a big crowd then bigger is better. A larger grilling surface offers more options for customizing your grill.


A variety of burners – from conventional to infrared – allows for more cooking creations. For example, grilling foods at different temperatures or even a dedicated area for smoking those mouthwatering ribs.

Light Up the Night

If cooking outdoors at night is when you’ll be hosting your guests, then interior and exterior lights are an essential item to consider. Interior lights allow you to see what’s cooking. And the exterior control panel lighting illuminates the temperature setting.


The cooking grids are the material your food will be in contact with and that’s why it is essential to choose the right grid for your gas grill. There are various types of grids to consider: stainless steel, porcelain coated steel grids and porcelain cast iron grids, to name a few.

Flame Tamer

Flame tamers are another essential item to consider when selecting a gas grill. These help protect the burners from drippings while providing even heat distribution. Those tasty drippings provide a flavor reminiscent of charcoal.

Selecting the right gas grill provides the foundation to further customize your grill and add more accessories in the future.

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