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Veneer stone is one of the latest trends in interior design. Many homeowners are now getting fireplaces made from veneer stone for their incredible benefits. Veneer stone is made up of artificially manufactured stone that can look like natural stone. This article will highlight all the advantages that make veneer stone stand out compared to natural stone.

Compatible With Other Materials

Veneer stone is compatible with a ton of natural materials that are used for renovations. These can include metal, brick, cement, and wood. All of these materials can be decorated using veneer stone without having any problems.

Planning Outdoor Kitchen in ColoradoEasy to Install

Natural stones are extremely heavy, which makes them hard to transport. The installation process is even more difficult, as bits and pieces have to be placed just right in order to fit together. This is hard to do when stone weighs a ton. Stone veneer weighs much less, making it far easier to install than natural stone.

Cheaper Than Natural Stone

Natural stone is known for its simplicity, but also it’s price. Natural stone is expensive because of the amount of work it takes to find these stones, transport them, and then install them. The shipping price is the most expensive as special precautions must be taken to ensure these stones make it to their destination intact.

Veneer stones, on the other hand, are a much cheaper option. Veneer stone is much lighter, easier to install, and doesn’t need any special treatment when transporting. This makes it the perfect material.


Flexibility is key when installing stone. Natural stone doesn’t have this property, but veneer stone does. Most fireplaces have curved areas that need to be covered. Veneer stone is a great option for these areas as it is much more flexible. Clamps and a vacuum table are used to install the veneer stone without much difficulty. This can’t be done to natural stone.

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