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There is nothing better than cooking and eating outside during the summertime. The grill is the most popular when it comes to outdoor cooking, however, wood fired pizza ovens are a great addition to custom outdoor kitchens. Not only can you make pizza, you can use the oven to bake veggies and cook meats like chicken and fish.

If you own a wood-fired pizza oven it will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The best time to clean the oven is right after every use. You don’t want ash and debris to build up or harden. However, it is important to remember that these ovens can heat up to five hundred degrees, so you will want to let it cool while you eat and then begin to clean.

So what is the best way to clean your oven? Here are three quick and easy steps to cleaning your oven.

Break Up Ash And Debris

First, you will want to start by using a wooden stone utility peel. This small silver tool is perfect for breaking up debris from the oven floor. For the best scraping angle, you’ll want to turn it weld up.


Next, you will need to use one of two unique brushes to sweep all the debris out of the oven. Your first option is to use a brush with brass bristles. This will also work great for breaking up any sticky debris that was left behind from step one. Then for a different angle you can also try a wooden stone T-style brush with brass bristles.

Pizza Oven

It is because of helpful tools like the ones mentioned above that outdoor cooking equipment sales have been increasing in Denver, CO this year.

Wipe it Down 

Wiping down the oven floor is easy. Simply take a damp standard kitchen towel and wrap it around your brush with brass bristles, then continue to wipe the floor clean.

If your looking to add a wood fired pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen, contact Hi-Tech Appliance and have them help with the process.

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