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The pizza oven has transformed even the humblest of homeowners into majestic party planners. Having wood-fired pizza ovens in Thornton, CO immediately makes you a favorite at parties. There is nothing quite like the delicious smoky flavor of a pizza from a wood-fired oven to bring guests and loved ones together to enjoy the night away.

However, to continue enjoying those delicious pizzas, it is imperative that your oven remains in good working condition. The byproducts that are left behind after pizzas are made can build up over time, affecting the taste of your pizza and the functionality of the oven. Cleaning a pizza oven isn’t something that can be left for another day. Instead, it should become common practice to clean the wood-fired pizza ovens as often and thoroughly as you can.


Wood Pizza OvenBurning wood creates ashes and some of those remain behind after the pizza has been cooked. These ashes can attach themselves to the bottom of the oven, severely damaging the oven and adversely affecting the cooking process. You want to avoid this unless you want pizza that tastes of soot and ash.

You will need to use a shovel and a wire brush to clean the ash away. Do not be too aggressive – gently scrape at the debris until it has all come away from the walls of the oven. This may be an onerous task but it will pay dividends later.


Food often discharges grease, from oil and butter, and this grease often stains the inside of ovens and other surfaces it comes in contact with. If not removed quickly, grease will build up and become a hard substance that is impossible to dislodge.

The moment you notice grease stains, begin the process of removing them. You do not need any special solutions or cleaning equipment for this, as many chemical products can cause fires. A simple solution of water and vinegar mixed together is enough to dislodge the grease and keep your oven clean.

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