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A fireplace can help make your home seem like the coziest place on Earth even in the harshest storm. However, when you’re thinking about fireplace maintenance in Boulder, Colorado, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything you need to at all time. Failing to take care of your fireplace means that what should be something that helps you relax can end up being a major headache.

What Goes Wrong With A Fireplace?

Common Fireplace IssuesOne way that a fireplace can end up causing trouble for you is if you don’t properly clean and prep it after every use. For the sake of conversation, let’s talk about wood fireplaces, as these are some of the most common options for those who prefer a traditional fireplace. Make sure that once the fire is out and ashes are cold, you clear out any remaining ash from the firebox. If you can’t wait, you can do this from the fireplace as well. One nice thing about burning wood is that your wood ash can also be sprinkled on flowers or plants. It’s actually a surprising source of nutrients.

More importantly, you want to think in terms of the long-term as well, but here, the biggest issue is likely not to be the fireplace itself, but the chimney. Over the course of a season of fireplace use, the chimney is likely to build up soot and creosote. This can lead to a variety of issues, from strong odors to the “chimney fire” if the residue in the chimney catches alight. Sweep the chimney when creosote builds up as well as at the end of winter.

We Can Help

Whether you want to get repairs done to handle your fireplace issue, or look up fireplace sales in Colorado to upgrade, working with the top professionals matters. If you need any assistance with outdoor fireplace sales in the Boulder, Colorado area, contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We deal with selling and repairing fireplaces of all kinds, in addition to other major appliances.

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