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When creating your custom outdoor kitchen layout, here’s one tip that will help to guide your efforts: think in terms of creating zones. Typically, an outdoor kitchen has four zones. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Zones

The four zones of an outdoor kitchen are cooking, prep, plate-and-serve, and entertainment. 


The cooking zone is, of course, where the grill will be located in your custom outdoor kitchen. This area should be well-ventilated if using a gas range. It should not be right against the side of the house, so as to minimize the potential for damage in case of a mishap. Options for the cooking area include having a stovetop-style burner beside the grill for cooking foods in a pan. 

A sink is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen. This should be placed between the cooking zone and the prep zone so that it can be easily accessed from both areas. 


The prep zone is where food will be prepared for cooking. You’ll need plenty of counter space and storage space for knives if you’re not using your indoor kitchen knives. The prep space should be a surface that is food safe and easy to keep clean. Having this zone as close as possible to the cooking zone will keep things organized. 

candlelit dinner
The four zones of an outdoor kitchen are cooking, prep, plate-and-serve, and entertainment. Enjoy a meal by candlelight.

Plate and Serve

The plate-and-serve zone is where the cooked food gets transferred onto plates for serving. This can be an island, table, or an extension of the countertop space. Having a separate zone just for serving, instead of using your prep space for this, will free up room to set out condiments and salads so that people can serve themselves. Depending on the arrangement of your outdoor kitchen, you can also put a drinks fridge in this area. 


The entertainment zone could also be considered the seating area. This is where you’ll have your patio or outdoor furniture and tables. Outdoor or waterproof speakers with Bluetooth will allow you to connect your phone for music. Want an outdoor kitchen? Come see us and find out why we’re your outdoor kitchen source.

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