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One of the most unappetizing things you can think of when it comes to storing food or preparing food is an unappetizing smell when the time comes for you to take a look at the food itself. It may be a case where you want to look into refrigerator sales in Boulder just so you don’t have to deal with that situation again. Before acting too hastily, though, there may be some things you can do to try and get rid of that smell at home. Here are some of the options on hand.

Your Basic Cleaning Regimen

Refrigerator OdorThe truth is that even if your fridge isn’t smelling at the moment, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth taking a look at for the occasional deep clean. To start that, unplug and remove all the contents. Ideally, you’re going to want to save this task before you do any major grocery shopping to cut down on the logistical headache. After that, focus on throwing out anything you see that’s old, unused or expired, followed by removing any shelves, drawers, or bins. Handwash these in hot water with soap and let them air dry before cleaning the refrigerator itself. This also makes for a good time to change the air filter if you can.

Ideally, your deep clean will also include the evaporator coils. For older refrigerators, these are on the back of the machine, while newer ones tend to put them at the bottom. In either case, you want to vacuum them while taking the time not to damage any parts. A small paintbrush is a good tool to use with buildup in some areas.

Still Smelling?

In some cases, a basic clean isn’t enough, and you may even be thinking about refrigerator repair in Colorado to help with the issue. In some cases, it may not necessarily be a lingering food problem, but a mechanical issue that’s worth looking into. If you think this situation applies to you, be sure to contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We deal with selling and repairing all types of major appliances in the Denver area.

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