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Most people can’t imagine life without a washing machine and with good reason. This appliance makes it easier to clean clothes and dry them. Unfortunately, washing machines are just as prone to wear and tear as any other home appliance, and you would need washing machine repair once in a while. 

Common Washing Machine Issues

Modern appliances are designed to handle a lot of wear before they start developing problems. A washing machine lasts for an average 7-13 years if it is maintained well. Here’s a look at some of the most common washing machine issues that homeowners experience:

  • Residential Laundry Service

    When caught in time, many washing machine issues can be easily fixed.

    Doesn’t Turn On – If the machine doesn’t turn on, the issue may lie with your power supply, motor, lid switch, or timer knob. Sometimes just resetting the machine can resolve the problem and restore function. 

  • Poor Drainage – You can’t start a fresh cycle if the machine doesn’t drain fully. Drainage issues happen if the drain pump or hose has some damage. They can also occur if there’s a foreign object or too much detergent in the machine. 
  • Doesn’t Spin – The machine won’t spin if it is overloaded or has motor issues. A damaged motor belt, a blocked drain pump, or a malfunctioning switch can also compromise its function.
  • Water Leaks – Your washing machine can leak from the drain hose, fill hose, detergent tray, water-inlet valve, drain pump, or door seal. Contact a professional immediately if there’s rust on the exterior or a pool of water under the machine.

Getting washing machine repair done promptly is an excellent way to avoid causing it more damage. Call a professional if you see these signs to examine it and offer practical solutions for the problem. 

Why Get Professional Help?

Appliances need prompt repairs to function effectively. They are made up of interconnected components, so if one part of your appliance doesn’t perform well, it can affect other parts. If you continue to use a damaged machine, it won’t last for long, and you’ll have to replace it. Common washing machine issues can grow worse with time if you do not fix them quickly.

Hire experienced professionals who are familiar with your washing machine brand, model, and type for repairs. They will scrutinize the appliance before determining whether it needs repairs or a full replacement. They will also recommend products with a good track record if a replacement is the only option.

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