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The Zones of Your Outdoor Kitchen

The best outdoor kitchen designs are organized into strategically placed zones to create a logical and natural workflow from outdoor cooking to plating and serving and entertaining your guests.

Cooking Zone

Build this area up with cooking, storage applications, and ventilation. Grills, griddles, side burners, doors & drawers, propane tank bins, and ovens are found in this area.

Entertain Zone

This area is meant for the pure entertainment of your family and friends. It needs to be away from the cooking zone to allow people to relax without the heat. This zone can include outdoor compact refrigerators, bartending centers, ice bins & coolers, ice machines, blenders, and wine coolers.

Preparation Zone

Your preparation zone should be near your cooking area to transfer your food quickly. Here is where you place sinks, trash bins, paper towel holders, cutting boards, and a dry storage pantry.

The best outdoor kitchen designs

Plate and Serve Zone

The plate and serve zone should go near the cooking area and close to where your guests are. Warming drawers, food warmers, and a garnish center just improves the overall outdoor experience.

Distributing these areas correctly and creating a design that allows for adequate room for each zone is paramount to achieving the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Think about what best works for you.

Consider how you will use your outdoor kitchen and then what would make the experience the most user-friendly for cooking activities, from preparing your food, cooking it, serving your food, and then cleaning all the pans, pots, and all other cooking utensils to relaxing in the entertaining area. Planning maps out each zone carefully with the help of a professional contractor to achieve a perfect outcome.

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