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Gas Fireplace Repair

A gas fireplace should be repaired prior to the winter season setting in. You are far better off getting your fireplace repaired before the season is in full swing.

Common Warning Signs

Not sure whether your unit needs repairs or not? Here are some of the signs to look for in your gas log, gas log insert, or gas fireplace needs repair.

  • The unit keeps shutting off on its own.
  • There is a thick layer of soot.
  • The unit has never been serviced or used before.
  • The glass has etching, discoloration or a filmy appearance.
  • There is a weird odor emitting from the unit.
  • The ignition isn’t turning on.

A gas fireplace emits carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, albeit poisonous gas, that is emitted when the unit isn’t operating correctly. Common symptoms of poisoning include drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, vomiting and nausea. If you think you might be dealing with carbon monoxide poisoning, you need to evacuate your home and call 911. Anytime you notice a weird odor coming from your fireplace, you need to have a repair technician come out and look at the unit for you.

need gas fireplace repair in Colorado

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

You need to have your appliance inspected annually. Some of the common things that will take place during an inspection and maintenance appointment include:

  • Pilot safety system check.
  • Clean the exterior of the equipment.
  • Ensure the fan is working like it should.
  • Clean the burners and the pilot.
  • Clean the chimney draw and venting system.
  • Check for proper ventilation and combustion.
  • Ensure the main burners have proper combustion and ignition.
  • Clean the glass using a glass cleaner.
  • Inspect the door gasket.

Overall, annual inspection and maintenance for your gas fireplace will help avoid safety hazards. Hire professional repair services for better results.

Hi-Tech Appliance fireplace technicians proudly maintain all NFI (National Fireplace Institution) Certifications. Don’t play with fire! Let our certified specialist give you the best service in Colorado.

So, if you need gas fireplace repair in Colorado, contact Hi-Tech Appliance. Or if you need a new gas fireplace, visit our beautiful fireplace showroom in Louisville, Colorado, to see a broad range of heating appliances and fireplace inserts we offer for your home.

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