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Troubleshooting Basic Problems of Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplace repair can be challenging, depending on the problem that arises. The key is finding the source.

Identifying Gas Fireplace Problems

If you are having problems with your gas fireplace, check out these tips to diagnose and attempt repair on your own.

Pilot Light

Your gas fireplace depends on the pilot light for its ignition. When the device doesn’t power on, you might just need to relight the pilot light. You can often find instructions on how to do this by looking at the instructions located on your unit.

If the flame reignites in the beginning but doesn’t seem to stay on, there are other things that you need to look into. That’s when you need to call in a professional to look at the unit.

Identifying Gas Fireplace Problems

The Thermocouple

Thermocouples are small rods that join your gas valve and burning pilot flame to one another. They produce electricity and monitor the temperature to help ensure your pilot light stays on.

Even though the device is small, it has to interact with multiple parts to keep your unit working properly. Everything from the stability, placement and even condition of this part can impact how your unit works.

When this unit malfunctions, it is often quite simple to fix the problem. It almost always is something related to positioning or something not being screwed in all the way. Check your tubing and wiring to ensure everything is working correctly.

The Thermopile

The thermopile is what generates the voltage for your unit. If you have one of the older models, these units are often used to keep the main burner operational. If you need to test or replace one of these, you need to call in a professional.

There are also other issues to look into, such as replacing the gas valve or addressing a gas leak. It could even be a mixture of problems that needs to be corrected. Calling a professional is always the safest option.

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