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When it comes to custom outdoor kitchens, there is no shortage of great benefits. Having a custom outdoor kitchen can bring people closer to nature, give them more exposure to sunlight and provide a unique ambiance for guests.

However, anyone in Longmont, CO already knows that maintaining a custom outdoor kitchen can be difficult in the winter. However, by using these nifty tips, the maintenance process will turn into a quick task.Hi-Tech Appliance

Tip 1 – Turn Off and Drain All of the Water Lines

Turning off and draining all of the water lines is an essential part of getting your custom outdoor kitchen ready for winter. Turning off and draining the water lines off will ensure that the outdoor pipes in the custom outdoor kitchen don’t freeze or get damaged.

Tip 2 – Remove Food/Drinks From the Fridge

Many homeowners will forget this simple step. By removing any food and drinks from the refrigerator, the homeowner is minimizing the chances of mold or other forms of bacteria from growing inside of it. This simple task takes only a few minutes and can add years to the lifespan of a fridge.

Tip 3 – Deal With the Grill

What is a custom outdoor kitchen without a grill? It’s true that a grill can complete a backyard; however, it needs to be maintained during the winter. Homeowners can store their grills indoors or leave them outdoors. Those that want to bring them inside need to remember to disconnect the the tank and store it outside. Homeowners that want to leave the grill outside can leave the tank on (however, they should turn off the gas) and protect it with a winterized cover.

Any family in Longmont, CO that has a custom outdoor kitchen already knows the importance of properly maintaining it before and during the winter season.

To learn more about how you can efficiently maintain your outdoor kitchen in Longmont, CO, don’t be afraid to get in contact with the outdoor kitchen connoisseurs at Hi Tech Appliance.

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