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Besides the living room and the bedroom, the kitchen is probably one of the most popular rooms in a house. All the countless hours that you spend there preparing meals can be fun, but only if you have a kitchen with an enjoyable design. Many homeowners are stuck using dysfunctional kitchens that make the process of cooking much more complicated than it needs to be. In order to make your kitchen highly functional, here are the most important design elements that you will need to know.

Go for Built-In Appliances

When all of your appliances are standalone, it creates an issue where they are taking up a lot more space and you’ll have to deal with various cords running all over the place. However, by replacing those old standalone appliances with built-in models, it helps to maximize the usefulness and beauty of your kitchen space. Built-in ovens can often be integrated with other kitchen elements like a microwave and upper cabinets to provide a lot of availability in a space that would have otherwise been wasted.

kitchen remodel outcome showing a pristine kitchenMaintain the Work Triangle

A common term used amongst kitchen design professionals is “the work triangle.” What this means is the imaginary lines that connect the sink to the refrigerator and stove. Together these should form a fairly equal triangle, which allows the process of cooking to be as efficient as possible. In order to make sure that your kitchen is utilizing the work triangle, measure the distance between these three kitchen elements and make sure that the lines connecting them are somewhere between four to eight feet long.

Install Double Sinks

Anyone who has ever tried to use a single sink knows that it is nowhere near as efficient as a double sink. Therefore, if you want to make your kitchen extremely useful, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have double sinks rather than a single one.

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