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Turn Your Ordinary Fireplace Into a Work-of-Art

Denver tool set

Tool Set

Fireplace tool sets are critical for being able to keep your fire going strong while adding a decorative element to your fireplace.

Wood Rack and Holder

Wood Holder in Colorado

Wood Cart

Tired of struggling to transport your wood from one place to another? A wood cart makes it simple to do just that. You can move multiple pieces of firewood while preventing injuries or debris from falling all over your floor. Fireplace wood cart

Hearth Rug

Hearth rugs in Denver


Grates are designed to hold your fireplace logs in place while they burn. They allow the air to circulate below the logs allowing your fire to burn more efficiently. Ashes easily fall through the grates and keep them away from the burning logs allowing more oxygen to flow through the grates and into your fire. fireplace grates

Ash Bucket

Transporting and disposing of ash from your fireplace is simple and convenient when you have an ash bucket on hand.

Ash Bucket


Andirons add aesthetic appeal to your fireplace and improve safety. They are designed to keep your logs securely in place while allowing the air to flow freely. They also help minimize the amount of wear and tear on the bottom of your fireplace. Fireplace Andiron

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