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Who doesn’t love pizza? This Italian invention has taken over the world and is one of the most popular dishes today. While it is easy to call the local pizzeria and get one delivered to your doorstep, there’s something special about homemade pizzas.

They are more flavorsome, are made from better ingredients, and are surprisingly easy to put together. You just need some dough, sauce, cheese, and a choice of toppings. This dish tastes best when baked in a dedicated pizza oven. Fortunately, you can easily install a pizza oven kit in an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.


There are different types of pizza ovens available in the market today, and you need to choose something that fits your requirements. You can build a pizza oven based on your backyard size, budget, family size, and baking needs. Here’s a look at the different style options available:

  • Steps to Clean the Wood Fired Pizza OvenFull Size – Full-sized ovens are suitable for true pizza aficionados and deliver the most authentic flavor. They are made from masonry materials like brick and concrete, designed to generate enough heat from burning wood to bake a pizza in around 90 seconds. You get a beautifully charred, fluffy crust with oozing cheese. The taste and texture are unmatched, which makes building a full oven worth the investment.
  • Pre-Built Ovens – Pre-built ovens are smaller in size and fabricated in a workshop before being installed on site. This pizza oven kit is perfect for people who want an authentic oven but don’t want to spend time or money on a full-size installation.
  • Modular or Pre-Cut – Modular or pre-cut pizza ovens are an excellent choice for people who are on a budget and don’t have much space in their backyard. You will need to build a pizza oven without professional assistance. The manufacturer will send all of the parts along with detailed instructions on how to install it. The process isn’t very complicated, so most people can assemble the oven easily.

You can also buy portable or BBQ pizza ovens instead of installing a dedicated appliance in your outdoor space. These are very effective and will give you an authentic experience.

Popular Accessories

Every baker needs a few accessories to make the baking process easier. A pizza oven kit will often include these accessories, but if it doesn’t, you will need:

  • Pizza peel
  • Turner and bubble popper
  • Gloves
  • Fire starter
  • Oven brush

All of these accessories make the process of baking a pizza outdoors much easier. Want an authentic pizza experience? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your firepit for this purpose.

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