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Pizza is an ancient dish, and some trace its origins back to the 10th century. The modern pizza originated in Naples and became a popular dish in the region around the 18th and 19th centuries.

People didn’t have fancy modern ovens or sophisticated gadgets during that time, and the dish was prepared in a traditional brick oven, which was essentially a fire pit with a brick hood. With time, people started to use modern ovens and even microwaves or stove  tops to make pizza, but nothing could quite compare to the flavor of an authentic brick oven pizza. 

Traditional Cooking

improving your outdoor kitchen

Install an outdoor brick pizza oven and take your cooking to the next level.

It is easy to underestimate traditional cooking techniques and think people used those steps because they didn’t have modern conveniences. That’s not the case for many dishes because going back to conventional methods does improve overall flavor considerably.

Traditional cooking may have more steps or may take more time, but it has been perfected over centuries, and the results speak for themselves. You can get the authentic traditional pizza experience by buying backyard pizza ovens for sale. The flavors and textures of dishes baked in these ovens are authentic, which makes them a worthwhile investment. 


There’s a reason why many professional chefs recommend baking pizzas in traditional wood-fired brick ovens. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these appliances:

  • Hotter Cooking Temperatures – Traditional wood-fired brick ovens are much hotter than conventional ovens. They are capable of baking an entire pie in around 90 seconds.
  • Even Temperature – The brick, stone, and masonry absorb the heat from the fuel source, which creates a hot environment. The temperature inside the brick oven pizza is even and consistent, which means all elements are cooked well.
  • Crispy Crust – The high temperatures of brick ovens ensure your pizza dough develops a crisp, crunchy crust. This crust has a smoky flavor, and the texture is airy instead of being rubbery, which adds to the experience.
  • No Raw Toppings – As the oven generates even heat all around the pizza, the toppings cook perfectly, and there are no half-baked bits on the pie.This is particularly beneficial if you like vegetable toppings because they cook through and develop a beautiful char. 

Do you want delicious homemade pizzas with a genuine Italian flavor? Get your firepit and backyard pizza ovens for sale today. You will never stop using it and will be able to enjoy a beautiful pie at any time.

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