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Few food items are as popular and crowd-pleasing as pizza. Everyone looks for an excuse to order one from their local restaurant. While restaurant pizzas are delicious, homemade ones baked in authentic ovens are on a whole other level. If you love this dish, consider investing in a backyard pizza oven. You can easily make an authentic version with good quality ingredients. Homemade versions are also healthier than the regular Dominos pie.

How Traditional Pizza Is Cooked

Factors to Consider for a Wood Oven

Brick ovens are able to cook food two or even three times as fast.

Italians have been making this dish since the 16th century and different regions have a unique way of making it. A Neapolitan pizza is typically round with a thin crust, topped with a tomato sauce, basil, oregano, and some cheese. The Sicilian version has a pillowy, square-shaped base, topped with tomato, onion, herbs, and anchovies.

There are dozens of different recipes and approaches to making this dish, even if you want authentic flavors. Regardless of the version, you need a good, backyard pizza oven to get the best results.

Traditional pizzas are cooked in a hot, wood-fired oven with a stone platform. This oven can bake a crust until it is fluffy and crispy in a matter of minutes. Traditional pizzas have a thin crust with a lot of air bubbles inside. The dough is typically made from flour, water, salt, and yeast. The yeast makes the base bubbly and fluffy, which is a big part of traditional pizza texture. Italians also use superfine flour for this purpose, as it absorbs less moisture from other ingredients.

Taste and Style Tips

Pizza making doesn’t have to be complex. The recipe is very simple and only involves a soft dough, sauce, and a couple of toppings. Try making it with the freshest possible ingredients. Homemade sauces will be delicious if you make them from San Marzano tomatoes because they are less acidic compared to regular tomatoes.

Fresh mozzarella cheese is better than any cheddar block, especially if you want the melting, stringy texture. The base should have a delightful char on it to give it a smoky flavor. Get a backyard pizza oven for sale if you want to make this dish regularly because it will create the perfect crust.

If you’re a true pizza enthusiast, try making it at home. It is easy, simple, and there are hundreds of guides available online to help you get the best results. Find a good backyard pizza oven for sale and start baking today.

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