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Pizza is a favorite food for many people. This simple Italian dish has now become a global sensation. In 2019, in the U.S alone, pizza sales in restaurants amounted to $46.34 billion, and that doesn’t include frozen pizza sales. That truly is a fantastic amount of pizza, isn’t it?

If you are a pizza lover and like the idea of enjoying authentic cooking experiences and prefer quality ingredients rather than processed, cold-storage produce, you should consider getting your own brick oven.

Brick Oven Designs

Only an authentic wood-fired brick oven can give you the traditional, rich flavors that come from conventional cooking. Even if you aren’t very skilled at cooking, you can install a brick oven in your outdoor kitchen.It’s the perfect way to indulge in some genuine Italian cooking while you spend leisurely moments with family and friends.

Also, this outdoor feature takes your entertaining capabilities to a new level. You can very quickly custom-create the types of pizzas your family or friends like. Wood-burning ovens are a very ancient method of traditional food preparation.

There are several brick oven designs to choose from, and when you opt for products like the ones we at Hi-Tech Appliance Inc. work with, you are sure to get the best. Our experts can help with every aspect of your pizza oven installation process from design and size choices to the actual location, installation, and more. They are an ideal outdoor kitchen installation, and some homeowners get these features installed indoors as well.

Benefits of a Brick Pizza Oven

Wood Oven

Your pizza will never taste the same after getting your personal brick oven.

Many experts vouch for the benefits of getting a brick oven, installed such as:

  • It allows you to cook nutritious and delicious foods at home using the freshest authentic ingredients.
  • It’s a durable addition to your home, and you don’t have to worry about failed controls or circuit boards.
  • You can install them in your outdoor kitchen and the indoor kitchen.
  • You can also use wood-fired ovens on No Burn Days if you are using them for cooking food.
  • The best quality ovens have a zero smoke scape design, which means they are ideal for use in indoor spaces.
  • You can cook a variety of foods in a wood-fired brick oven such as pizzas, chicken, fish, steaks, and more. These foods are aromatic and simply delicious when you serve then off of a wood fire.

Opt For the Best Wood-Fired Brick Oven

If you want any more information about our brick oven products for indoor and outdoor kitchen installation, feel free to contact Hi-tech Appliance Inc. at +1 (720) 738-4802. We sell and install the best wood-fired ovens.In fact, you can also get a first-hand feel of how this feature looks and performs.

On display at our showroom in Louisville, CO is a live wood-fired pizza oven. Try your hand at cooking in it and experience the difference that wood can make. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form, and we will revert within a short time.

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