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It’s an absolutely wonderful thing to offer: a lovely night sitting in front of a fire. If you love being outdoors in the colder months, installing a fire pit in your backyard can transform your outdoor space. You can simply enjoy the light and warmth the space can provide and have your family and friends join in on the fun. However, just because you have a designated space for a fire that doesn’t mean it’s totally safe—there are some measures you should take to make sure you are responsible when you light up your backyard.


Where you place your fire pit matters. Before you install a fire pit, check your local ordinances—they may have certain specifications regarding where you can build. In general, though, you should make sure the fire pit is at least 10 feet from any structure, though a longer distance is preferable.

Fire Pits in Louisville

Prep the Area

Once you determine where you want to place your pit, you can then actually install it and get ready to build a fire. First things first, you’ll want to clear the surrounding area of flammable materials like sticks and leaves. It’s a good rule of thumb to clear about a five-foot space around the fire pit. Your fire pit should be surrounded by stones or bricks to keep the fire contained.


Avoid lighting a fire on a very windy day—the flames can spread rapidly. Also, you should never use flammable additives such as lighter fluid or gasoline. Use a commercial fire starter or build a fire from scratch. While the fire is burning, don’t leave children or pets unattended. Keep some water on hand in case of emergency.

When you’re ready to install your fire pit, contact Hi-Tech Appliance. We will put you in contact with one of our outdoor firepit sales experts, and you’ll have a fantastic backyard setup in no time.

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