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Having an outdoor firepit is a great addition to your house. It can add ambiance and be a place for people to gather that provides warmth and a space to relax. It can be used pretty much year-round—but that also depends on how terrible the weather decides to be in Colorado during the winter.

When it comes to having a firepit in Colorado, there are some safety measures that need to be abided by so that no one gets hurts and things don’t catch on fire. Below are some of those items.

  1. Place the pit on a level surface

This will keep it from inadvertently tipping over and catching things on fire. The surface should also be fire retardant, such as bare ground, concrete, patio tiles, or the like.

Fire pit Potential

  1. Keep it at a safe distance

Placing your firepit under an awning or near low-hanging trees is a recipe for disaster. You’ll also need to make sure that furniture and other flammable materials are kept at a minimum distance for safety.

  1. Watch the weather

Using your pit on a windy day will increase the chances of sparks or embers escaping from the flames and catching things on fire. Only use the pit when it’s safe and most embers can be contained.

  1. Keep an eye of the fire

Even with a gas firepit, leaving the fire unattended can lead to tragedy. Be vigilant about watching the fire when the pit is going and always keep an eye on guests and kids when they are around the pit.

  1. Keep an extinguisher nearby

Keeping a fire extinguisher or hose nearby will be helpful if embers or flames get out of hand and be the first line of defense against a larger fire issue.

With winter here, having an outdoor firepit means spending evenings and weekends in the warmth of the flames. It can be a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Find the right firepit for your home at Hi-Tech Appliance and ask them any questions you might have about firepit safety.

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