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Which Choice Is Right for Your Fireplace?

Your fireplace may be ready to keep you warm throughout the coldest months, but you will need some kind of barrier to keep your home safe. Free-standing fireplace screens, mesh fireplace doors, and mesh curtains are your choices.

Free-Standing Mesh Screen

A free-standing mesh screen is a decorative stands alone fireplace accessory on the hearth. Mesh screens come in many styles and finishes and can be one piece or tri-fold three-panel.

Free-Standing Mesh Screen

Mesh Fireplace Doors

These type of doors are usually made of aluminum or steel and are designed to fit inside your firebox. Mesh doors open on each side like a cabinet and fit securely all the way around. The mesh doors can be set behind glass doors or used alone. When you install a mesh door along with glass doors, the second item can be closed after a fire to impede the cold air from descending the chimney into your house and the mesh doors can be used on direct vent fireplaces. You can find them in a wide variety of finishes to decorate your direct vent firebox.

Mesh Fireplace Doors

Replacement Mesh Curtains

Mesh curtains are placed on a metal rod that runs across the top of the firebox opening. Also, they can be used behind fireplace glass doors or alone and are commonly installed on many zero clearance fireplaces. If you already have glass doors, the curtains are very simple to install. You can find them in heavy 19-gauge stainless steel. This type of curtains are available in several sizes, and they usually come with two panels, in black, with the pulls included. Remember to measure your firebox to order the ones that will fit.

Mesh Curtains

Stay tuned to learn more about fireplace accessories.

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