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Pizza is perhaps one of the most personalized and beloved foods on the planet. If you’re like most Colorado homeowners, you’ve had your fair share of pizza delivered to your home. The beauty of pizza lies in the simplicity of the ingredients — some of the best pizzas in the world only require a handful of items to make.

Types of Wood Ovens

Install your pizza oven near your BBQ and prep area for an easier outdoor cooking experience.

Unfortunately, most of today’s American pizza makers use ingredients chock-full of additives and preservatives. This doesn’t just affect the flavor, it also impacts your health. If you consider yourself a foodie and love to grill food in your backyard, a home pizza oven is definitely something you need to add to your list of home cooking essentials.

Types of Pizza Ovens

There are many variations of outdoor pizza ovens, so it’s important to make sure the type you choose makes a good fit for your home. Aesthetically, it’s also a good idea to make sure the style oven you install works well with your other outdoor kitchen appliances. Stone ovens are extremely popular — they integrate seamlessly with interlocking and other landscaping features.

If you don’t have the budget for a permanent stone oven, you could purchase a mobile oven instead. mobile pizza ovens are typically made of metal and require the use of wood, or a propane tank. Both wood and gas ovens are effective ways to make pizza, though users tend to prefer wood baking for the flavors the wood gives.

Installation Tips

Just as you would with your indoor kitchen, it’s important to make sure that your outdoor cooking area is optimally spaced. Allow enough room to move between your pizza oven, barbeque, and prep area. Remember, your backyard is a hosting area, so install your oven in a low-traffic area.

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