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After eating the same old meals again and again, many families in Estes Park, CO want to try something new. This can add some much needed variety to a dull winter. The best part is, families don’t need to break the bank to try any of these fantastic meals. All they have to do is get a little bit creative and have fun while they cook a delicious meal.

Meal 1 – Quesadillas

Anyone that likes nachos or tacos will absolutely love quesadillas. This tasty Tex-Mex meal is extremely affordable and easy to make. The cook simply puts a mix of cheese, salsa and meat (usually chicken) and cook to perfection in a frying pan. Anyone in the Estes Park, CO area that has a wood-fired pizza oven can try cooking some quesadillas in them. This will cook the tasty treat to perfection.

Meal 2 – Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches

Many people will line up around the store to get a piping hot breakfast sandwich in the morning. However, you don’t have to go to a fast food joint to get a delicious, warm breakfast. These sandwiches can be easily made at home. Simply cook some eggs and bacon and melt some cheese between a sliced English muffin. For an extra notch of flavor, try cooking it on a outdoor fire pit. There are a number of outdoor fire pit sales companies in the Estes Park, CO area that can help you find the perfect one.Fire pit Potential

Meal 3 – Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs

Anyone who likes to mix sweet and savory will love pineapple and chicken kebabs. Seasons the chicken to your liking and skewer them with a shish kebab stick. Be sure to put a healthy dose of pineapple and other fruits or vegetables. This makes a delicious, healthy meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

To learn more fun new meal ideas to try in the Estes Park, CO area, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the appliance pros at Hi Tech Appliance.

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