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We all like to stay warm and toasty in the winter, and there’s no better way of doing that than sitting by the fire, enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Fireplaces are common appliances that many of us have at home. They help us feel relaxed, warm and cozy in the winter. They add a sense of calmness and character to our homes.

And while more and more of us are choosing gas fireplaces for many reasons – they’re easier to maintain, are less expensive to run, and burn cleaner, many overlook the fact that they do require regular maintenance.

And as a part of regular maintenance, it’s very important that you have your fireplace inspected on an annual basis to avoid safety hazards at home and make sure your appliance is operating at full capacity. The best way to do this is by calling a professional technician to do an inspection and check for the following:

Buildup of Debris

After prolonged use, debris from dirt, dust, or insects could build up and block airflow in the vents, ports or chimney. Not only could a failed ventilation system cause unpleasant odours, but it could force the flow of carbon monoxide into your house and create a very dangerous situation at home.

Benefits of Wood-Burning FireplacesDeteriorating Logs

While they are very durable, your logs could start to deteriorate over time, due to prolonged exposure to heat. It’s important to have these inspected as deterioration could clog the burner ports and vents.

Dirty Glass

While this may initially sound like more of an inconvenience than a safety hazard, it’s important to check for dirt on the glass door or frame. Dirt could cause chipping or scratching, which would not only diminish the appearance of your fireplace but could enable gas to leak into your home.

Hi-Tech Appliance – Your High-End Appliance Provider

If you’re not sure how to do a full inspection, contact a professional technician to check your fireplace. Reach out to Hi-Tech Appliance for Gas Fireplace service repair or Major appliance repair and service. We also have Gas Fireplace Sales for those looking to buy a new appliance.

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