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Consider Buying an Infrared Gas Grill

In simple words, an infrared gas grill has an infrared element between the grates and a flame capable of emitting heat so intense that it completes the cooking process in less time than traditional grills.

Contrary to convection cooking that heats up the air to cook food, an infrared grill uses a gas or electric element to heat a solid surface, which then emits infrared waves directly into the food found on the grill grate. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of infrared cooking.

Benefits of Infrared Grills

Quick Pre-Heat and Faster Cook Time

 buy an infrared gas grill in ColoradoIt takes around 3-5 minutes to pre-heat an infrared grill. Also, this type of grill generates much higher temperatures than convection grills and can heat up much faster.

Even Heat and Minimal Flare-Ups

Infrared cooking can provide very even heat distribution across the grill, reducing the hot and cold spots often found on non-infrared grills.

Also, unlike traditional gas grills that create unpredictable flare-ups, the infrared technology and burner design reduces dripping fat onto the open flame, which significantly lessens the chance of flare-ups.

Easy Clean-Up

All you need to do is to turn up the heat to high when finished cooking. This will turn any remaining food into ashes for a quick and easy clean-up!

Save Money on Fuel

Infrared gas grills use less gas than their traditional counterparts to reach the same temperature.

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Most infrared grills reach extremely high searing temperatures to produce browning and caramelization on the surface of meats. If you are worried about burning your food, you should know that the heat is adjustable these days, so you can cook everything, from roasting chicken to steaming vegetables.

For those reasons, infrared gas grills represent and attractive alternative to outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

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