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A Simple Guide to Clean Your Smelly Washer

First things first: if you own a front-load washer, mildew odor is a common problem. That musty smell comes from mold caused by bacteria and residue that has managed to grow inside your washer. Worry not! Here, we will show you how to eliminate it easily and how to prevent that odor in the future.

Run the First Cycle

Pour two cups of white vinegar or a specialized product of your choice into the detergent dispenser, and run your washer on the normal cycle using hot water.

Clean the Essential Partshow to clean your washer

When the cycle is over, clean the dispenser drawer parts – the inner door, the inside tub, and the rubber boot seal – with a clean rag and a solution of half distilled vinegar – or a specialized product for this task – and half hot water. Next, using a new clean rag and hot water, clean all parts again.

Last Steps

Run your washer once again on the same cycle with hot water. Once the cycle stops, leave the washer door open for at least six hours to air it out.

By following the above steps, you will eliminate the cause and remove the smell from your high-efficiency washing machine.

How to Prevent Bad Washer Smells

  • Use high-efficiency laundry detergent in your front-load washer, as other detergents will cause suds, and suds leave behind residue inside your machine.
  • Wash in hot water. Even though water saves money and energy, it does not kill bacteria, and it leaves behind more residue than hot water washes.
  • Do not allow debris to accumulate inside your pump. The drain pump has a filter that traps hair, lint, and other debris. Keep it clean to prevent nasty smells.
  • Of course, never leave a wet wash load in your washer overnight.

If you have questions about how to clean your washer or need any appliance repair, do not hesitate to contact the Hi-Tech Appliance experts in Colorado.

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