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How to Troubleshoot Gas Fire Pits Common Issues

You should not encounter a lot of inconveniences while burning with a fire pit. This appliance creates an efficient cycle of fire, fuel, and oxygen; as long as those three requirements are met, the device should operate without any problems. If you do experience problems getting your fire pit to burn, you may want to try some of the following suggestions.

Gas Fire Pit Troubleshooting

Many common issues are a result of installation specifications being overlooked and not the components themselves. Take a look at the chart following to see if it can help solve your problem and get your fire pit working in proper order.

Gas Fire Pit Troubleshooting Chart
Issue Cause Solution
Soot Build-Up
  • Not enough oxygen
  • No ventilation
  • Include correctly sized air mixer orifice
  • Ensure proper ventilation
Low Flame Height
  • Low supply of pressure
  • Low BTU output
  • Improper gas line size
  • Have a professional increase gas pressure
  • Have plumber increase available BTU
  • Plumber adjusts the gas line size
Fire Pit Won’t Stay Lit
  • Leaks in the gas line
  • Debris in the gas line
  • Test all connections, have plumber ensure proper sealing
  • Purge the gas line of air, debris
Whistling Noise
  • Flex line routing
  • Excess gas supply
  • Incorrect gas line size
  • Ensure flex lines do not have sharp bends
  • Plumber decreases gas supply
  • Plumber adjusts gas line size

If addressing these causes does not repair the problem, check for broken hinges, dents, or missing screws that affect how well that part can move.

There is nothing quite like the comfort felt when sitting around a beautiful flame, enjoying the company of your family and best friends.

If you have additional problems with your gas fire pit or need fire pit repair in Colorado, feel free to contact Hi-Tech Appliance. If you want to buy a new fire pit, visit our amazing showroom in Louisville in Colorado.

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