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Although indoor gas fireplaces can be extremely beautiful, they also have the potential to be dangerous if not properly taken care of. That is why you need to make sure that you are getting your gas fireplace inspected on a regular basis, which usually means at least once a year. Here are the many reasons why having an annual inspection done on your gas fireplace is so important.

Dirty or Damaged Glass Door

The glass door at the front of the gas fireplace allows you to see the beautiful fire without being subjected to the various gases produced by the fire. With the glass serving such an important role, it is crucial that you have it repaired or replaced as soon as it begins to show any damage. Even the smallest chips or scratches in the glass can have a big impact on the amount of heat that the fireplace outputs. An inspector will be able to find these tiny amounts of damage and be able to recommend if the glass needs to be fixed or not.

wood burning fireplace with glass doorsDeteriorated Log Inserts

Even when using faux or ceramic log inserts in the fireplace, there is still the danger of having them deteriorate and pose a hazard for future fires. If these small log pieces get stuck on the sides of the insert, then they could damage the fireplace, which is something that can be entirely prevented by getting a thorough inspection done.

Build-Up of Residue

When it runs, a gas fireplace produces various elements that can gather together and cause a buildup of residue over time. If left unchecked, this residue could restrict airflow to the fireplace, which diminishes the quality of the fire itself. An annual inspection will be able to tell you whether or not your fireplace needs a thorough cleaning.

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