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A Great Addition to Any Outdoor Chef’s Repertoire

A grill with a rotisserie motorized, built-in, or attached is becoming increasingly popular. Many newer gas grills such as the Weber Summit S-460 come standard with a rotisserie device.

A rotisserie is a key player to incredible succulent roasts of all kinds, such as leg of lamb, ribs, whole turkey, whole and fryer chicken, ham, fish, kabobs, and vegetables. The constant turning of a rotisserie guarantees juicy, succulent, and evenly cooked food items.

Rotisserie grilling involves a hot chamber that has either a hand-operated or motorized rotating skewer where food is placed. Forks or prolongs can be appended to a rod or spit to firmly hold food items in place.

Advantages of a Grill with Rotisserie

Even Cooking

Freestanding grill rostisserieContrary to a standard grill, a rotisserie grill allows you to do stress-free cooking. You can leave the lid closed and let your roast grill slowly while entertaining your guests. The steady spinning motion ensures that each part of the food item is cooked evenly without burning.

Less Work to Do

With a rotisserie, you do not have to do the tedious constant turning of large roasts is a standard grill. Just come back occasionally to check if the roast is ready.

Ability to Roast Big Cuts of Meat

For large cuts such as leg of lamb, pork loins, tri-tip, and whole poultry, a grill with a rotisserie makes it incredibly easy and guarantees evenly cooked and juicy roasts.

Disadvantages of a Grill with Rotisserie

Not Universally Availablerotisserie kits

Rotisseries are not available for every type of grill. However, for those grills that do not include a rotisserie device, there are rotisserie kits and motors that you can buy. Just check if they are compatible with your grill.

Cooking Time

Rotisserie grilling is a slow cooking process. Also, you will need to consider the time that you are going to spend from the preparation of the food when you are planning on using just your rotisserie grill for all your outdoor cooking.

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